HemoSpat News

The August 2006 issue of Law Enforcement Technology Magazine has an article in it about HemoSpat. It gives a bit of insight into Andy’s background and motivation for writing HemoSpat, as well as highlighting its features.

You can read the article at officer.com.

At FORident Software, we believe that software which plays nicely with others benefits everyone. This means using a common format and working to ensure the two software products are compatible.

We are pleased to announce that The CAD Zone has verified that HemoSpat’s DXF output and its ASCII Coordinate output are compatible with The Crime Zone 3D scene reconstruction software.

We look forward to working with any other vendors interested in ensuring compatibility.

HemoSpat Demo IconA demo version of HemoSpat is now available for both Mac OS X 10.4.x and Windows 2000/XP. It contains a sample project with ten bloodstain images and documentation to walk you through an analysis designed to highlight the features of HemoSpat.

You may download it here.

We hope you’ll give it a try and that you like what you see!

The first IABPA conference held in Europe was quite a success with about 140 attendees from over 20 countries. The organisers, André Hendrix [Politie Zeeland, The Netherlands] and Peter Lamb [Forensic Science Service, UK] did a great job. As with the Santa Barbara conference, the attendees were from quite diverse backgrounds and levels of experience which made discussions quite interesting.

I had a chance to demonstrate the HemoSpat Beta to a number of the attendees and the response was overwhelmingly positive. [To all those I was able to talk with – thank you for your interest in our project and I look forward to working with you in the future.]

See you in Corning NY!

Andy Maloney

Lead Developer, HemoSpat