Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Course – Ontario Police College 30 Aug – 04 Sep, 2010

Brian Allen of the Ontario Police College (OPC) is accepting applications for an Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Course taking place at OPC in Aylmer, Ontario, Canada from 30 August – 04 September 2010.

This course is designed for those wishing to become Bloodstain Pattern Analysts. It is expected that students will have previous bloodletting crime scene experience. Emphasis is on presenting BPA expert evidence, report writing and the analysis of complex bloodletting scenes. Students will be exposed to the latest computer analysis technology.

Further information may be obtained at the Ontario Police College or by contacting Brian Allen:

Brian Allen - Instructor
Forensic Identification Training
Ontario Police College
10716 Hacienda Rd., Box 1190
Aylmer, Ontario
N5H 2T2

Phone: (+1) 519-773-4258
Fax:   (+1) 519-773-5762