HemoSpat 1.10 Released

HemoSpat Icon FORident Software is pleased to announce the release of HemoSpat v1.10 for Mac OS X 10.10-10.11, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

This update is available to all registered users.

With a focus on working more closely with 3rd party software, the new version of HemoSpat introduces a new file format called the HemoSpat Coordinate Exchange Format (.hscx). This allows other software to send position, scale, and orientation information to HemoSpat for use when exporting 3D models so we can line up the HemoSpat data with the point cloud or model in the other software.

IMS Map360 Logo

FORident Software worked with the developers of Leica Geosystems IMS Map360 to improve the workflow between our software using this new exchange format. An upcoming version of IMS Map360 will have tools in it to generate this file for use with HemoSpat’s exporters.

IMS Map360 Buttons

IMS Map360 Exchange Buttons
IMS Map360 Results

HemoSpat Data Imported Into IMS Map360

For Windows users, Windows 10 support was added and the installers were rewritten to better handle two cases: users without administrator privileges and machine-wide installations for universities and training organizations.

In our ongoing effort to improve usability, version 1.10 introduces a couple of new zoom options – Zoom To Fit Ellipse & Zoom To Fit Analysis to make it easier to navigate your images when performing an analysis. The ellipse selection tool was also modified slightly to make it easier to use in low-contrast situations.

The update checker will work once again now that both the website and the software communicate using SSL/TLS.

For download links and a list of other changes and fixes, please see the release notes.

As always we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions!