Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Terminology


Swipe Pattern
A bloodstain pattern resulting from the transfer of blood from a blood-bearing surface onto another surface, with characteristics that indicate relative motion between the two surfaces.
Bloodstain Example - Swipe Pattern
Bloodstain Example - Swipe Pattern


This swipe pattern was generated by placing blood on four fingers of the right hand and dragging them across the stationary target.

When a wet bloodied object comes in contact with a non-bloodied surface, some blood will be transferred from the object to the surface. In this example the direction of travel may be determined by examining the feathering present at the end of each finger swipe. The directionality of the action is down and to the right.

Alternate Terminology

Bevel & GardnerNon-spatter Family - Irregular Margin - Smear - Swipe
James, Kish & SuttonPassive - Contact/Transfer - Swipe
WonderSpatters Not a Criteria - Transfers - Moving - Swipe
Old IABPASwipe Pattern