HemoSpat bloodstain pattern analysis software is used to calculate the area of origin for impact patterns at crime scenes. Performing this directional analysis of impact patterns can provide the bloodstain pattern analyst with crucial information about the location and posture of an individual at a bloodletting scene.

HemoSpat's Main Interface - Windows 7
HemoSpat's Main Interface - Mac OS X
HemoSpat's 2D Viewer - Windows 7
HemoSpat's 2D Viewer - Windows XP
HemoSpat's Data Exported 3D - Mac OS X
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis - Angles of Impact

The methods typically used to compute the area of origin of an impact pattern include physical stringing, mathematical formulae, and BPA software. Some of the benefits of HemoSpat are:

  • Reduced Risk – Stringing requires more than one person and they could be at the crime scene for hours. All that stomping around the often unpleasant crime scene adds risk of contamination and increases the time the scene must be held.
  • Reduced Cost – Using old methods can be very time consuming – especially since you need more than one person – and may involve using disposable resources. What used to take a day or more can be done in hours with HemoSpat.
  • Reusability – Instead of being left with static photos of the stringing or just a mathematical result, HemoSpat will produce results that are suitable for a report and 3D reconstruction software. The analysis facilitates peer review and may be saved for future work on the case.

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