IABPA Conference 2006 – Corning, New York, USA

This week I attended the annual IABPA training conference in Corning, NY, USA.

As with last year’s conference in Santa Barbara, there was quite a large group from Europe in attendance and an especially large group from The Netherlands. It was nice to see so many familiar faces and great to meet new people and to put faces to names.

I learned quite a bit at this conference – how nasty hotel rooms can be, similarities between dismembered body disposal methods in London and Dublin, how far you can walk after taking a power saw to your own throat, how to bury the hatchet, and more mundane things like information about the IABPA itself and the relationship with the Scientific Working Group on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (SWGSTAIN). It was also great to see the amount of interest in HemoSpat amongst the attendees.

Thank you everyone for your input on the project and I look forward to working with you!

Andy Maloney
Lead Developer, HemoSpat