Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Terminology

Note: At the 2009 IABPA meeting in Portland, OR, USA, the IABPA membership voted to adopt the SWGSTAIN recommended terminology.


[A bloodstain pattern created when a volume of blood has been absorbed by an object.]*
Bloodstain Example - Saturation
Bloodstain Example - Saturation


This pattern was generated by holding a blood source above the clothing long enough that the blood was absorbed by the material and created bleed though.

Alternate Terminology

Bevel & GardnerNon-spatter Family - Regular Margin - Saturation
James, Kish & SuttonPassive - Contact/Transfer - Large Volume - Saturation
WonderSpatters Not a Criteria - Volume
SWGSTAINSaturation Stain - A bloodstain resulting from the accumulation of liquid blood in an absorbent material.
* This definition is not from the IABPA terminology list. IABPA does not currently provide an official definition.