Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Terminology

Note: At the 2009 IABPA meeting in Portland, OR, USA, the IABPA membership voted to adopt the SWGSTAIN recommended terminology.


Skeletonized Stains
[A bloodstain consisting of a darkened peripheral rim where the center of the stain is no longer intact.]*
Bloodstain Example - Skeletonized Stains
Bloodstain Example - Skeletonized Stains


This pattern was generated by creating a passive drop, waiting to allow some drying, then wiping through the stain.

There are different methods of producing skeletonized stains. A skeletonized stain may also occur when a stain has completely dried and the center of the stain is disturbed by air or an object.

Alternate Terminology

Bevel & GardnerMay be a criteria for Non-spatter Family - Irregular Margin - Smear - Wipe
James, Kish & SuttonNot a pattern.
WonderNot a pattern.
SWGSTAINClosest to Perimeter Stain - An altered stain that consists of the peripheral characteristics of the original stain.
* This definition is not from the IABPA terminology list. IABPA does not currently provide an official definition.