Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Terminology

Note: At the 2009 IABPA meeting in Portland, OR, USA, the IABPA membership voted to adopt the SWGSTAIN recommended terminology.


Bubble Rings
Rings in blood that result when blood containing air bubbles dries and retains the bubble's circular configuration as a dried outline.
Bloodstain Example - Bubble Rings
Bloodstain Example - Bubble Rings


The example was generated by aerating the blood and projecting it onto the target.

In this example several air bubbles formed in a single blood drop. When the stain dried, the bubble collapsed and a darkened ring was left behind for each bubble.

Alternate Terminology

Bevel & GardnerMay be a criteria for Spatter - Non-linear - Impact - Expectorate
James, Kish & SuttonMay be a criteria for Spatter - Projection Mechanism - Expirated
WonderNot a pattern.
SWGSTAINBubble Ring - An outline within a bloodstain resulting from air in the blood.